Tinsley and her old friend Anisha is driving Anisha’s dog around on the sidewalk in a mini Mercedes Benz. According to Anisha’s friends, the car dog is much cooler than a dogg stroller. Anisha is also done with the Upper East side, too many bugs from Central Park. Tinsley still wants to live on the Upper East Side, bugs or not. They laugh and get manicures together. Peace.

“Bling Lash has quickly become known as the  place to get eyelash extensions in NYC. As the beauty industry picked up on this new and increasingly popular service, Bling Lash has made sure to provide the absolute best application. Now with two spacious salons and a full service nail art and hair extensions spa we are happy to still be making all our customers fall in love with their beautiful new look. We maintain our warm and welcoming atmosphere, plus added new benefits as we grow: complimentary hand and foot massage, nail and wax services, the new spa, snacks and treats in the reception area, completely renovated decor, and we promise to always give you our best service and an exceptional experience every time.” (Bling Spa)

Address: 39 W 32nd Street, New York, NY 10001
Phone: 646-599-6009


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